Being a sicky mcsick pants means no kisses!

So yesterday, even though I was uber sick, was a really good day! I wasn?t able to drive up to Ames (considering how tired I was, I probably would not of even made it up there) and so Chris drove down here to see me. I felt bad right off the bat b/c he had to drive all the way here and he?s driving all around Kansas this weekend. But he said it was no big deal. So he got here around 12ish, and we just layed on my bed and hung out. That was nice, it lifted my spirits to have him there. He wouldn?t kiss me though, which was cute, and frustrating at the same time, b/c I wanted to kiss him so bad! But I understand where he?s coming from, I mean who wants to be sick?

So after we layed around for awhile, my sister went and got some yogurt, gingerale, and soup. So we went upstairs and he made me the soup and I ate most of a thing of yogurt, which was really good. We sat on the couch, and ate lunch and watched Ally McBeal. After that, we went downstairs and watched ?Frida? which I thought was really good. Chris was in an uncomfortable position though lol. He let me put my head in his lap though, that was nice. When that movie ended, he went and got some stuff for us to drink and then after he came down, he went all the way back up to get me Tylenol b/c my head hurt. He was being so great the whole day, always asking me if I needed anything and getting whatever it was I asked for. Such a good boyfriend.

Then he watched Oprah and the news, and I fell asleep in his lap. I didn?t really want to fall asleep b/c I knew it would suck for him just sitting there. Especially b/c he couldn?t really move b/c my head was in his lap. But he didn?t seem angry about it, so that was good. I felt a little better after sleeping. Then we watched ?Pumpkin? another pretty good movie, and when that was over we had some dinner b/c I was UBER starving. So I made some pasta and chicken, and he had a chicken sandwich. Mine was good, however I couldn?t eat it all cause I felt sick and then also I was tired and could hardly get the fork to my mouth and then get my mouth to chew it all. So we broke and went downstairs. By this point it was like 8 and Chris had to leave soon.

So we just layed down in my bed again and held each other and talked. We both said that each of us is the lucky one in the relationship. I guess if we both feel that way, we both must be the lucky ones! I really do feel lucky though, not many boyfriends would come over when their boyfriend is sick, and spend 9 hours with them, just sitting on the couch and holding them and giving them little kisses all over. It was really sweet and I?m so happy to have a guy like that in my life. He had to leave eventually and I could hardly drag myself outta bed to go up and see him off. But I did, and we went to the garage and said goodbye. He left, and I showered and stuff?.

Then I was going to clean my room up a little bit, when I noticed there were some keys on the desk that certainly weren?t mine b/c I only have my one set of car keys. So I called Chris and I was like ?Did you leave any keys here?? And he?s like ?SHIT! Those are my house keys!? So he had to come all the way back, it took him like a ½ hour which means he was probably most of the way there already. I felt bad and apologized, even thought it wasn?t my fault at all. But still I felt bad. But it was nice to see him again, and we hugged and stuff!

I can?t wait until tomorrow, we are gonna have a really good weekend in Kansas City, even though it will just be the 2 of us! Grrr?. But yeah, it?ll still be tons of fun, hopefully we are both in good health!!

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