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Shall We Do It Up There?

Today’s been sad. After the last update I went and picked up Andrew. From his house we went off to the Used Book store, it’s much larger then I thought it would be. I was expecting some dumpy little place with like 10 books. But they had TONS!

We looked around for a bit, but we didn’t have much time to get Andrew to the airport. Drove him there and went to check him in.

There’s weather in Chicago, so he was either going to have to fly there tonight and spend the night, or stay here and leave tomorrow morning. Ended up they got him on a Delta flight to Ohio and then to SC. He had a 3 hour layover there though, sucks to be him.

After we got all that straigtened out we walked over to the area before the security. It’s really annoying now that you can’t go past there unless you have tickets. I hate the new rules. I want to be able to be there at the terminal to say goodbye, so that we have as much time as possible together. I also like being there to be the first thing they get to see when getting off the plane. It’s like when someone comes out of coma or something, they should see someone that they care about.

We stood at the top of the stairs hugging, kissing. I was holding back the tears as much as possible, and I did a pretty good job. I didn’t want to start crying because I knew that if I did, they wouldn’t stop, and it’d just make it harder to leave him there.

We didn’t stay long, it was a short goodbye. A stupid fat child stared at us as we hugged, he didn’t say anything, just stood there staring at us as he waited for his slow parents to come up the stairs. Once they saw us though, the quickly grabbed the child and walked briskly the other way. The kid kept staring, and we kept hugging.

It’s sad to have him gone, though I’ve talked to him a few times already since he’s like, just for like 5 or 10 minutes at a time though, because we’ve both been busy when the other calls.

The first time he called I was just getting ready to go to Biaggi’s with my family… That’s a whole nother story. The second time he had already gotten to the villa they’re staying in, and was with his family and getting ready to go to bed. As was I. I was fairly annoyed though that he waited untell he got to the villa to call though. I wished that he would have called once he got into SC, but I suppose there was a reason for his waiting. I’m guessing that his father/family was there, and had to be nice and not just suddenly get on the phone and talk for a while. So it’s fine.

After that I tried to go to bed, but I just can’t sleep. It’s now 1:03 AM, according to my computer here.

I’m at the PU’s house, tomorrow I’ll be painting all day, then I think I’ll go up to camp. Another thing to make me more depressed.

I don’t want him to go to college, I’ll miss him too much. My mom and I made a bet this evening that he wouldn’t make it a year there. I say he will, once he’s there he’ll stay, maybe not a Chapman, but he’ll stay in school in Cali. My mom says that he’ll either come back to Iowa, and go to school here, or go to NJ with his family and go to school out there. I know she’s wrong. I should have upped the wager, though I’m not realy sure what it is now.

I wanted to get drunk tonight, or at least a little tipsy, but the PU’s don’t have any alocohol in the house.

Didn’t go to Angel’s wedding today, didn’t think I’d really be welcome there. Not after what happened last night. And also since she’s yet to call me since she’s been back. I was going to call her and at least wish her congradulations. But never did. I felt to stupid, perhaps I’ll call her tomorrow. Andrew wishes that I would call her, and find out why she won’t talk to me. She hasn’t since last summer, or perhaps it was the Christmas before that since she’s talked to me… In any case, it’s been far to long. I do know that I last attempted to contact her last Christmas break. Left her messages on her cell phone, and at her house. But never once did she return a call.

Ran into her at Wal-Mart a couple times that Christmas break, she always said she’d call, and that we could hang out. Never did. Though, I did try calling her. What did I do to her to deserve this? Nothing, I don’t think I was anything but a great freind to her. I respected her religious beliefs, I wasn’t mean to her. I always thought that we had a very close friendship. What happened?

I beleive I know, but that’ll stay between Adam and her, and I guess me and Andrew since we both know as well. But it’s not our place to tell.

Though after 14 months of dating Adam, I finally found out why he dumped me the first time. Should have left it that way.

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll have time to swim some more. I went tonight and I thourghly enjoyed it. Much great times in the at pool. I want to have a swimming party, but I guess I don’t really have enough friends to make that happen anymore.

See why I need to get drunk.

Maybe I’ll go buy some Vodka and OJ.


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Even though you hate Des Moines and all of the people in it, which probably lumps most of Polk County people that you know into it, I’ll speak anyway. From what I understand Angie’s cell phone number changed. And from what we talked about it, the gist was that she needed a bit of a break. Furthermore, I don’t think she called me once over Christmas break either. I called her one day and we talked on the phone for about 20 minutes, and that’s all I got from her either.

Ok, let me rephrase this. I don’t hate all the people of DM, or polk county. Just the majority of the gay community with all of thier backstabbing, lying and the like.

As with the Angie stuff, it just really annoys me that she cut what I felt to be a really good friend out of her life, without even giving me an explanation. It’s just very frustrating.

It’s also frustrating that my other “friends” from a couple summers ago are also now being very rude towards me, not including you Julian.

I ran into Mandy downtown last Friday night, and you know how with Mandy you can tell when she’s genuanly talking to you and when she’s just talking to you to be nice. And Friday it was the later for me.

I just want to know what the hell it was that I did to all these people to make them hate me so much.

I understand what you’re saying about Angie, and I don’t think that she meant to do that. Again, I’m not her PR person, so I probably shouldn’t say one way or the other. Alas, I will say what I surmise of the situation: It was probably a failed attempt at a “short break (while she was in the area)” combined with crappy scheduling on the latter part. Of course, I have no idea for sure.

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