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So I really hate DM, and I hate all the people in it.

Andrew and I went out to the Arts Festival last night, that in it self was good, seeing all the people that I hate was bad. Seeing all my “friends” was even worse.

… Last night I had alot to say about this subject, but it all seems to irrelevent now. Just lets say, that I’m pissed at all these people that claim to be my friends, but have taken what Adam said as being the truth and never even bothered to ask me my side of what happened. And now don’t talk to me because of that. I can’t wait to get out of this town/state so that I don’t have to see these people any more. I’m sick of it all.

Once Andrew leaves my journeys to DM will diminish.

Other then all the annoyances with stupid people in DM last night, it was overall a good night. Though I was fairly bitchy, and I appoligise to the people that I was with.

It was a very long and stressfull day at work yesterday. We’ve been working on making all these streaming presentations…”” <~~Go there if you'd like to see what we're doing (And then click on one of the Real Media Links, Tony Mezzacappa always has the best presntations, so if you're willing to sit through the full 45 minutes, I suggest looking at that one. I don't want to link to that site because they watch the refs and I don't want my site to show up and sparck curiosity). Well we had them all nearly done, only 3 of the total 20 left. When Nazanin makes the brilliant decision to encode them all in V8 Real, instead of V9 Real. Now for those of you that don’t know what I mean when I say encode. It means that we take the origianl AVI file of the presentation, usually anywhere between 1 and 2 gigs, and use a program called Helix Producer to format it in a differenct codec (in this case RealMedia) so that the files are smaller. Essentially it degrades the quality, and drops the duplicate frames from the motion video. If you need more of an explanation go look it up. lol. The story is that, we’ve been working all week on encoding all these videos, most of that time was taken remixing Audio, but now we have the original AVI’s with good Audio, etc. So we just had to put those through Helix. Now this doesn’t sound like it’s that big of deal, but it really is. Because each AVI files takes about 2 hours to encode into RealMedia, and we had already done them all once. I was just UBER pissed about all of that, and then I was working on the last 3 that had to have Audio and Video remixed and that pissed me off more because the Audio man cut the tapes for one of them, so I had to splice those together before I could do anything else, and yeah. Just everything that could go wrong went wrong. I was not a happy camper by the end of the day, luckily though I only had to work 5 hours instead of 7 hours. Thursday was also an annoying day. Just a lot of little things. Although Andrew did call me on his break, and that was nice of him! After work on Friday I drove to DM, and that just pissed me off even more. Stupid stupid people were out driving. Between the East mix-master and the hickman exit, people were going 65 exactly in the left hand lane, and all the other lanes were only going 55. I was like, “WHAT’S THE HOLD UP!” I swerved in and out and got past a ton of people, but it was just uber annoying. Got to Andrew’s shorly after 5:30 and we waited around tell Jenny got there. Then off to the Arts festival. Which was tons of fun, though I would have liked to look at more of the art that was there. Too bad it’s all so expensive, cause I would totaly buy a ton of that shit! After that we went and got Ice Cream and Andrew made me pay. The ice cream was really really good. I don’t remember what I got though. Mmmm, ice cream. From there back to Andrew’s where we dropped Jenny off and then back downtown… Which is where this entry started. Laters all!

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