Not Much Time.

So I don’t have much time but I will write as much as I can in the next few minutes.

The rest of my day with Chris was GREAT!!!

We went to SalVal and Goodwill and didn’t find anything good. We also tried to go to a 1/2 price bookstore, but it was closed due to a water pipe burst or something.

So then we went to a porn store, which was just funny cause it was really small and we went in the middle of the day. We looked at stuff and I contemplated buying a dildo. I seriously would get one, a really small one, just to work on my boo tay. Though I think I might be too scared to actually purchase one.

I’d probably tell them it was for a friend lol. I would just feel weird.

We also rented Dolores Claiborne. So we went back to Chris’ and watched about half of it. It’s reallygood, I love tha tmovie. Though it really is a bit creepy.

After that, Chris started making dinner, and I went out for gas. When I got back, I saw that Chris had set out some candles and a blanket on the floor for us. I guess he was planning to have it ready for when I got back, but I came too soon. So I closed my eyes and ran to the other room. He came for me a few minutes later. I guess he thought that it was stupid, at least thats what his journal indicated. Well, I Thought it was totally sweet and totally cute. It was very thoughtful and as we sat there eating, neither of us said much, and I just spent most of the time looking at how beautiful he is, and eating my yummy food! I was so happy that my Topher would plan out something like that!!! YAY! After that, we finished watching the rest of the movie.

I’ve gotta stop now b/c I have to go to work, but a list of things to look forward to later

The “L” word
The shower

I will update when I get home from work.

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