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A Weekend of Annoyances

So this weekend has been REALLY great, minus a few annoyances here and there, and some mist-understandings.

Friday after work I drove to Ankeny to meet up with Andy Beatty. Went over to his house and we talked about work, and how things were going at Krell and shit. Very amusing times. I also picked up my cable, which I?ve been waiting for forever! I really wanted to play with it today at work, but I just remembered that I forgot it in the back seat of my car! So I guess that?ll have to wait until tomorrow or some other day. Oh well. I left there about 6:30ish and called Andrew because he had called me while I was at Andy?s house. Found out that we were meeting Dustin in DSM. So I drove there and met up with Andrew, we convened into one car and then drove over to where the pre-pride party type thing was.

This is where the first annoyance of the weekend came in, we get there, find Dustin, he introduced us to like 10 million people, and then he?s like? ?Well we?re going to go to supper now with them, and then to a play.? I was thoroughly annoyed by this because he asked us to meet him there, which I?m sure we would have ended up downtown at some point, but that?s not where we were going to go to directly. And then he ditches us after like 5 minutes. It?s like, hello? You asked us to come here. Whatever. I was just annoyed by that.

After Dustin and Michael left, Andrew and I walked around downtown some and stopped at the amphitheater and talked and made out some. It was good times there. Eventually we decided to leave and go back to my house for food, so we did. Got there and they had better then sex cake. Which is WAY better then sex :-P. lol. Ohhhh, so good! I?m sure I?ve put on like 100 pounds just from eating it! Speaking of that, I?m now down to 168, but not for long cause I?m going to G&G?s next weekend, I?m sure I?ll put on some more there, so I must exercise a lot this week!

Anyways Andrew and I spent the rest of the night at my house since Dustin never called us back like he said that he would!

I eventually drove Andrew back to Downtown and then we departed ways for the night.

Saturday I got up early and just hung around my house for a while. About 10:45 I finally got around to doing what I wanted to, which was rotating my tires and changing my oil. It took my dad and I a while to find all the shit that we needed to rotate my tires because it?s very confusing as to how to get the tires off that Saturn. So by the time that I was done doing that I didn?t have time to change my oil. So that?ll be next Saturday morning?s project. I really want to have that done before we head off to Lenox.

After I was done with my tires I drove over to Andrew?s house, where we met up with Court. She had invited us to a soccer game. And here people is, where annoyance number 2 comes in for the weekend. We get there and both Andrew and I start walking to her car, because since she invited us to come, I think it?s only logical that SHE drive. She says something like ?I?m not driving.? And then Andrew and I both go, ?Well we aren?t driving.? So then complaining and bitching ensue. Long story short, I ended up drive and was very annoyed by that. If you?re going to invite someone some where you don?t ASSUME that the people you?re inviting will fucking drive! Now just to clear things up, I wouldn?t have had a problem if the game was somewhere close to Waukee, but since it was actually only about 5 minutes from my HOUSE I was VERY annoyed but this, since I ended up having to drive from my house, to Waukee, and then practically all the way back to my house and then back to Waukee AGAIN! Grrrr. All in all I put 300 miles on my car this weekend. Whatever, I?m over it now. And Andrew paid my way in, so that was nice of him. The game it self was fun; I always enjoyed soccer, one of the few sports that I do enjoy to watch and play. And I guess we?re going to drive to State on Friday night.

After the game was over, Andrew and I drove Court back to Andrew?s house and she left. She seemed very annoyed, but whatever. Andrew and I went in and helped his mom decorate, and we also looked at computers for him. He was very sassy and annoyance number 3 for the weekend happened there. It went something like this?
Andrew: ?Chris says that this is a good computer??
Sue: ?Well that?s nice, is he an expert.?
I was so very annoyed by this because, yes, I am actually an expert about thins like this, considering that it?s my JOB to buy/fix/maintain computers! She was just very bitchy about it, and I don?t think that it was called for! After we found a good one we went to Best Buy to play with it to make sure Andrew would like it. He said that he would and we decided to go buy it that night online so that he could pick it up Sunday.

We started to head off to do our other errands that we had to do, cards for people, film, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. We were leaving Wal-Mart in Ankeny, on our way to Target to get food when Jenny called. She invited us to go out to supper with her and Ginny. WE decided that it would be fun, but that we would go to Target anyways to waste some time since it was only 6, and we didn?t have to be to Jenny?s tell 7:30. But for some reason I got on the interstate instead and headed towards 86th street. I didn?t realize what I had done until we got to the 86th street exit, so instead we went to a parking lot and sat and talked for like half an hour. So at 7:30 we drove across the street and met up with Jenny, Brian, and Ginny. Decided to go to BS.

That was a bad decision and annoyance number 4-10 happened there! Lol. We get there and they seat us, it takes the lady like 10 minutes to even come over to our table. I?m like HELLO; you should have been here within like 5 seconds asking if we wanted drinks. Stupid bitch! She takes our orders. I get a Chicken Ranch, with an extra side of ranch. It took her like another 10 minutes just to bring us our drinks. Then she didn?t come back tell our food was ready, which took FOREVER, and she didn?t even bring my extra side of ranch! So I had to ask for that! Then later she comes back and I clearly have an empty glass, and she?s like, ?Can I get you anything else.? And I was just going to wait for her to NOTICE that I have an empty glass, since it is HER JOB to get me drinks. But she didn?t say anything so Jenny?s like, ?I think Chris needs another Iced Tea.? So funny!

All in all the waitress was a stupid bitch; we always have the worse problems with service-based businesses.

After that we all went back to Jenny?s and hung out for a little bit. I picked up Ginny and threw her across the parking lot, and then did the same to Andrew. Very amusing times. After that Andrew and I drove back to my place and went hot tubing and had a good time. I drove him home late that night and it was very hard to stay awake on the drive home. Although there wasn?t anyone out, so I don?t think it would have really mattered had I fallen asleep, I wouldn?t have hit anyone!

Sunday I got up early because I told Andrew that I would be up by 9. And I was. Although I was in the shower/getting ready tell 9:30. I spent the morning reading the paper and doing stupid things like that. He finally called me at like 11ish and came over to my place. We left and went to gay Pride, met up with Dustin and Michael at JJ?s and walked over to where the parade was going to be.

It rained some, but at the time the parade started it was nice and sunny. I got this really cute shirt! The parade was really nice and there were all these cute little kids running around and stuff! Wee fun! Linda had her grandson there and he was UBER cute! After the parade we all walked over to the amphitheater and watched the shows. It was FAR better than last year I think. Oh and RANDOMLY I saw Mr. Roberts watching the parade. I was very amused and scared at the same time. I didn?t know if I should talk to him or not. I never did the whole day though, because we saw him again later at the garden.

Like I said the shows were very amusing, and Andrew and I were uber cute couple. We?ve declared ourselves the cutest gay couple in DM. We have also determined that the majority of gay people in the DM area are drunk and slutty!

After the shows we drove over to The Garden for the BBQ. It was good food although there wasn?t enough. I was uber hungry the rest of the day. We sat out on the porch for a while talking with people, ran into ICR there. That was amusing. About 4:30 we went inside to the dance floor and danced some while waiting for the show to start.

It was a REALLY good show, and I wish now that I had gotten to see the one last year, but NO someone had a headache! Fucker. Anyways. This year was UBER great, besides the ugly drag queen, and ?slick?. He?s such a slut! It was really hot in there the whole time and there weren?t any chairs, so my back was hurting, but Andrew and I danced to all the good songs and I sang to all the ones that I know.

Also another random person that I never would have though to see was there. I ran into Shepely, with his BF! How cute is that shit! We talked some, but it?s hard to talk in there with all the loud thumping music. I wanted to talk to him later some, but we all saw him speed off very quickly and he looked semi-pissed. Hopefully we?ll run into him again, or he?ll call me. He?s got my number but I don?t have his. He?s a very nice boy, and tons of fun to hang out with. So hopefully I?ll get to talk to him again soon!

The thing finally ended about 7ish and Andrew and I wanted to leave, but we had rode (usage?) with Dustin and Michael. So we were going to wait for them, but then Dustin (Very nice of him) let us drive his car back to JJ?s to get Andrew?s car. So we left and went back to JJ?s, cause I wanted to get a Frozen Mocha. And here it comes, annoyance number 11! I go in there and order it, and of COURSE stupid boy is working. He?s like, so you want a Smoothie? And I?m like ?NO, I want a frozen MOCHA!? and then he?s like, ?So an iced mocha? and then I?m like ?NO, a FROZEN MOCHA!? How hard is this, finally he figures it out. Then he gives it to me, and usually they ask if you want whipped cream on it. Of course he doesn?t because he?s a fucking retard! So I say to him, ?Can I have some whipped cream? (Real bitchy like). He gets it out and puts this thing like the size of a fucking quarter on it. I was so annoyed! Most of the time when you get whipped cream there, they give you like a fucking mountain! God I hate him so much! I don?t see how he can keep a job there, he always fucks everything up! Although he is good eye candy. Perhaps he should just stand behind the counter and say/do nothing!

After we got drinks and drank them, we headed back to my place and departed ways. I got home about 10ish and was VERY tired. So I emptied my laundry basket and then went to bed.

This morning I woke up at like 7, but didn?t feel like getting out of bed. So I laid there and eventually got back to sleep, I woke again at 8:30 and showered and then got ready for the day. I finally did my dishes that have been sitting in my sink since last Tuesday, after that I read my assignment for class and then rode my bike to campus. Now I?ve been busy writing this update for the last hour. (And I?m now on NINE pages, double-spaced. I wish I could write up my PHIL paper that quickly!)

This is the last week for this class, and that?s sad because I?ve been really enjoying it. Hopefully the next class will go just as fast as this one!

This next week/weekend I?ll be very busy with things. I have a fun project at work to be working on, and I have plans Friday/Saturday AND SUNDAY already, which is very weird for me considering I usually don?t have plans for the weekend until the weekend starts. Lol.

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