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Matrix Action

“How do we know that we’re not living in the Matrix?” — Another great quote from the Crazy Phil prof!

Anyways, yesterday was tons of fun! Andrew came up about 2:30ish, and we hung out tell 5 when we went and met up with Vero. She has an uber cute apartment! From there we all went out to eat, good food at LaFuente (sp?), and it was uber cheap too!

From there to my apartment just to show Vero where I lived and then off to the mall. The Gap Kids shirt that Andrew’s been wanting is on sale, so he wanted to buy it, but all they had was a small and he wears a medium in Gap Kids clothes. lol. So were going to get it this weekend sometime.

After that we drove Vero back to her place, dropped her off and then Andrew and I went back to mine and hung out tell 10ish when he left to go home.

Very fun times yetserday, it really helped my low moods that I’ve been in all week.

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