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Sometimes I have these briliant ideas when it comes to coding at the most wierd times…

Like when I’m trying to go to sleep, or showering, or other bathroom things, whilst cooking, or cleaning or reading a book.

But they always come when I’m not at or able to get to a compter.

Must start writing them down.

More code updates should be here soon. I’ve been far to busy with them to get any of the promised visual changes done. Must find the CSS book that Andy had, it appears to not be in his office now.

I’m sure I’ve bitched about this before, but whatever…

I’m a coding crazy!

2 replies on “Coding”

you cook? i was under the impression that you never have food at your apt, but if you CAN cook, that put you in the running for being my husband, congrats.

Yes, infact I enjoy cooking. Just because I never have food in my apartment doesn’t mean that I can’t cook!

I think it runs in the blood though!

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