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Rain, Trees, More Rain

So this weekened was totally fun! Friday I met up with Andrew about 7ish and we went off to this drumline thing at his HS. SOOO much fun! I LOVE DRUMLINE! That was done about 9ish, and after that we went out to JJ’s and had a great time there. Stupids took forever getting my food though, and they didn’t even give me a free anything, as they did with the people that were sitting next to us. Fuckers! But it was good food. We left there late, and went home.

Saturday I got up about 7ish, showered, and then proceeded to plant 320 trees from 8AM until 4:30PM! OMG, I’m STILL in so much pain! Although last night Andrew massaged my left thigh, and it feels so good right now, but the rest of me is in SO MUCH pain! My legs hurt to stand up or to really use them in any way, it hurts to grip anything, it hurts to lift anything, and my ASS hurts too! ::whines::

Anyways, we planted all 320 fucking trees. I’m sure that if half of them make it to 20 years old, it’ll look pretty damn good, but right now, it’s just painfull. It was so annoying though because Andy was so SLOW! For every hole that he dug, I dug 6. For every tree that he planted, someone else could have planted 3 or 4. I just wanted to kick him in the face!

After we were done with that, I called Andrew and met up with him at his house. I went from there off to eat supper at the Olive Garden, walk in there, and here comes Ben Shepley walking up to me. I was like OMG, so random. Ben and I worked together at Mitigwa back in ’00 and ’01. There’s some other history there too. But anyways, we talked for a while, Andrew thought he was hot, mostly because he IS! Rarrrr at Shepley!

For some reason none of my ctrl-* keys work, and neither do my arrow keys, page up or page down keys. So VERY VERY annoying.

Anyways, the wait at Olive Garden was too long so we went to Mac Grill. We had a HORRIBLE waiter, I think we are cursed, we always get horrible waiters no matter where we go!

After that went back to my house, went hot tubbing, and had a really good time. Andrew didn’t leave until 1:30, and apparently he got in trouble from his mom. It’s like HELLO! If it’s that big of deal, you could have always called him and been like ‘bitch get your ass home!’

Sue’s so wierd!

Sunday we were supposed to have helped Beak move, she called me at like 9ish and woke me up. Told me that we weren’t going to move her because of the rain. So I was like, “That’s fine!” Yay, no more physical labor this weekend! lol

So I got up finally about 10, 10:30 and showered, Andrew called and met me over at my house, we hung out there for a while just talking and then decided to go shopping because I had $80 to spend on clothes! I got 3 gap shirts for $5, a new BROWN belt (So Andrew will stop bitching at me for wearing a black one!), and then 2 more Express Shirts. I got the red one and this other really dark yellow shirt. (Full price for one of them and I got the second for only $.09, totally cheap) I think they’ll be nice!

After that I decided that I didn’t look good enough to be out shopping, so we went to his house and got movies. Then back to my house where we spent the rest of the night on the couch watching movies and the Lucy special. I LOVE LUCY! We departed ways about 10ish.

Now I just got up and I’m waiting to go off to my first final. I’m nervous about it, but it shouldn’t be that bad!


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