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Sunday, Sunday!

So I don’t really know how to start this….

After reading Andrew’s private entry, it just made me feel so special, and so good. The tear factory was running in full force there for a while.

So Friday was pretty normal, JJ’s, hanging out, we walked around the skywalks holding hands, so cute I’m sure. I also bet that we scared some of the janitors, but whatever. We talked about the most random things, and it was so great!

Saturday was also great. hut tubbing, talking about more randoms stuff. Kissing him, and holding him there in the hot tub. That night he got a rimmy, hope he enjoyed it! lol.

Sunday, now this is a day with emotion! He came over and we just laid in my bed for like an hour, kissing and huggin and just holding each other, it was so great. After that shopping. Then back to my house. Laying there on the couch with him was so great. I was so happy to be able to lay there with him in my arms and to just watch tv with him. Kissing the back of his neck, smelling his hair, oh so great! There were a couple times where the tears of joy flowed.

During every commercial break he would turn around and we would kiss, and I could hold him even closer. Caress his face, lean back some and look at his beautifull face. Oh heavenly. It was so sad to make him leave, but it was late and we had to go.

I can’t wait tell Wed!

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