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So the point of the silence…

I broke up with Adam. And that’s all that I have to say about that. No offense, but the feelings/what’s going on with that will still be mostly in private entries and as things get better more things will go here.

Anyways, Friday night Adam came over, we ate food and watched the DUMBEST movie ever. It was mildly amusing, but overly stupid. It’s called “The New Kid” and it’s so wierd. Eh. Overall annoying night because my mom wouldn’t go to bed. After Adam left I talked to her and my week that I was planning on taking off this summer and going traveling with friends is the SAME week that the family is planning a trip to Alaska, so that means I must go. 🙁

I mean, I REALLY REALLY want to go to Alaska, but not with the family. If we do what my mom wants to, it’ll be fun but I HATE the way that my dad travels. If things happen the way that he wants to I don’t want to go. I’ll just take what they would have spent on me and travel with myself.

Saturday I got up at 8:30, and went to Perry. I was there at 10, when I was supposed to be, but Beak and Shiela weren’t. They had to go all the way to Waukee to get the damn U-haul. They didn’t get back tell 11. We got things packed up and were ready to leave by 12:30. Beak also has a lot of work out stuff that she’s going to let me use, one’s like an elliptical machine, I’m excited… Hopefully next weekend I can pick it up from her and get all hot and buff and shit. lol.

Back to what I was talking about, we got her all moved in and shit. We were done with that by 2. Janell brought lunch. We drove this CREEPY Chris guy back to Perry, but he wouldn’t go home and followed us back to Beak’s. I stayed there tell like 10 cause he wouldn’t go away. He also insisted on buying us supper. He was very creepy and I didn’t like him. Nor did Beak.

Got home about 11ish and talked to mum some more about random things. Went to bed about 1am (that’s after setting clocks ahead). Couldn’t sleep because I had alot on my mind.

Awoke this morning about 9:30, but didn’t really want to get up, so I thought and made up sexy day dreams and shit. roflol. Finally got up about 10:30 showered, and then read more of Fast Food Nation. (EVERYONE MUST GO READ THIS BOOK. Perhaps I just really like it because I’m a business man, but it’s a good eye opening book.)

Adam called about 1ish and I went over there to see him. Fixed his computer and stuff. Andrew showed up about 3ish, and Adam went to work shortly after that.

Andrew and I went out and had a pretty good time. I dropped him off about 5:30 and came back to Ames….

Now I’m here.

Now I’m gone!

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I’m sorry you and Adam broke up! I hope you feel better soon! you should call me and we can go to the rec and ogle hot guys together, that’ll be fun. err, IM me. yeah.

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