Visit To JJ’s.

So last night was another GREAT night…

I was just planning on getting back from class, siting around and reading Fast Food Nation because I just haven’t been able to put it down yet. But Andrew called me whilst on his break and BEGGED me to come down, so I did… And I’m glad that I did too.

Got down there about 6:45, I knew Andrew wouldn’t be there tell after 7 sometime, but I had brought the book, so I sat around and read it tell he got there about 7:30. Once he got there we just sat around and talked in JJ’s. Ran into Betsy (sp?) and of course had to tell her our little disclaimer….”You DID NOT see us here!!” We just need a sign to put on the table, or carry around that says “YOU DO NOT SEE US!” lol

Talked to her some about the break up, apparently Adam had told her today. Good to see her again! I’m worried that she’ll blab to Adam though. I know it’s going to happen sooner or later, so I should figure out what I’m going to say here soon. lol.

After she left we just sat around and talked some more. Lots of random shit again. Got loud at JJ’s so we went to the sky walks and Andrew kept just flopping on the floor, so wierd. We got lost in 801 Grand, it was very scary cause we didn’t know where we were going!! And there were creepy people wearing those flower things you get… So crazy.

After that back to JJ’s where we talked about my insecurities and how I am when it comes to social situations and how he is. It was a good talk. We both have the conclusion that if Adam hadn’t been bothering me so much, I would have friends around Ames by now. lol.

We also talked very very briefly about how people are jealous of him. And honestly, I think that I’m one of the few people that’s friends with him, that isn’t jealous of him, or intimidated by him. I mean, most things that people are jealous of him for are things that I’ve had a chance in my life to do. Going to a good private school out of state, having money, being cute (ok, so I’m not that, but I’m not jealous of him for bieng cute, or sexy, or hot as a mother fucking hotest boi on earth. lol), being smart, etc. I’m honestly not jealous of him for any of that, his life and my life are so much alike really, he just started earlier.

However, if things keep going in the direction that they’ve been going, and we do end up in a relationship, I think that then I would feel a bit intimidated. Because, well it’s hard to explain, I think that I would then feel intimidated by his looks. Compared to him, I feel so fat, and I’m working on that, but it’s not going to go away before he does, which is sad. I know that he tells me so much that I’m not fat, and that really does make me feel special, but it’s just me being self-conscious. Anyways, enough of that topic…

We also talked about his teeth, which I found amusing because it was totaly random. Anyways, just FYI, Andrew, you just need more floride. Get a floride mouth wash… It’s marked as such! I use one because my teeth used to be the same way once they took off my braces, and they’ve gotten much better.

Lots of other random topics that I’d like to bring up, but I have to be getting to class here soon!

So we left about ten, and it was DAMN cold out since I had just worn my shorts and a t-shirt. We went out to his car and hugged, and then we kinda leaned back, and I wanted to kiss him so badly, but I didn’t know if I should. So I just leaned in and gave him a quick kiss… I would have liked to stay and kiss him some more, but it was so cold out and I knew that my breath probably was horrible. It’s so sad to see him go and I’m going to miss hanging out with him this weekend.

Alright, well lots more on my mind that I want to write about, but I really must leave for class now… LATERS!

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