A Day In Ames

Today was such a great day!

So I got outta school at 10:20 b/c it was early out day, so that was totoally cool. I worked out real quick, and I do mean REALLY quick, and then I went home.

I had made plans to hang out with Chris, since we weren’t gonna see each other this weekend. So I drove up to Ames, and met him at his apartment, where I gave him the two books he asked to borrow, plus a pic of me and him that Jenny gave me today. It’s really cute, at least I think so!

So then we went out to lunch at Great Plains, which had pizza, and it was really good. I bought Chris lunch b/c I’m just a good guy like that. We left and then went to campus. We just walked around there for a really long time, sat down and talked on the grass. We saw Ramsey, who Chris works with, and he’s hot! lol. I enjoyed him. THen we just did a lot of walking around, there were some really good looking guys around, so that was nice! However, there were definitely some unfortunate souls as well lol. We ran into Julian at the library and that was cool too, I haven’t seen him in such a long time!

Eventually, we made our way to Dairy Queen and I bought us ice cream. It was like a special, so no big deal. We ate it and that was fun.
We eventually made our way back to Chris’ apartment. He did tell me that next summer I Could live with him, instead of going to NJ. Which honestly seems like it could be a real possibility. He said I’d just have to pay for utilities (like 20 bucks a month) and then I would just have to find a job and get a car, and things would be good. And I bet with a bit of coaxing, I could stay in the bed! Hehe 🙂

So at his apartment is where things got interesting. We were wrestiling a lot, with Chris pinning me down, but only sometimes lol. Eventually, we somehow ended up with him sitting on the couch and me like laying down with my head in his crotch and he had his hands on mine. *sigh* So nice. We just talked and wrestled some more, and then we went into his room to play some music. We layed down on the bed together, and that was really nice. We were just laying there, I had my arm across his chest, and then we were just laying there. I told him I had a really good day (which I totally did, it was awesome!) andhe said he did as well. Then I kissed his cheek. Then we kinda just sat there, and I think we both knew what was coming. I am a bit surprised that he was the one who actually brought his lips up to mine. It was reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally nice. We kissed for a little bit. I asked if he was tired yet, b/c he always says he gets tired of that stuff…. he said no, I felt special. We kept kissing… it passed the time when I should’ve left to go see Trisha. I couldn’t leave… “I should probably go in a few minutes” Famous words lol. It was really really nice to kiss Chris again. It was really nice to be able to look at him and see him smiling back, even if it was only with one eye open 🙂 He is such a special guy. Eventually, much to my dismay, I had to leave. I really didn’t want to, especially when Trisha called and said she just wanted to go get ice cream for a short while.. I was like “I wanna stay with Chris!” and then I whined some more. We hugged goodbye, a nice long hug…. he kissed me again, I was beaming inside. And out as well, I’m sure. It was just soooooo wonderful, and it makes me not wanna go to Cali this weekend and just spend it all with Chris. Not to sound obsessive or anyhing, but I only have a limited time here and I want to make every minute count.

It was really good to kiss him. I don’t think I’ve said that enough. It was really sweet kisses…. not ‘let’s fool around’ kisses, which aren’t necessarily bad… but they aren’t something that needs to happen right now. These kisses are so…. gentle and caring.. I can really tell Chris cares about me. There is always that .0000001% of me that doubts…but I think Chris is sincere. He always has been in my experience.
*Sigh* I want to be with him! I don’t care if I have to keep it a secret…. Topher is what I want right now!

Anyways… I am thinking I’ll let him read this… but only if he lets me read his private one, which I am sure he wrote after today’s events!
Here’s to having a great day with Chris! *Raises glass* Cheer cheer!

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