Andrew’s Visit

So today has been WONDERFULL!

Andrew got here shortly after noon and we went to Great Plains to eat. Really good food. He bought, it was so nice of him. I love the pizza there too. Very good shit.

From there we went to Campus, sat by the campinile (sp?) and talked for a long time about random shit. Ran into Forrest and Ramsey there too. Talked to them for a while. Good times, it was run into randoms day. We all talked about so much shit, it was amusing as hell.

Then we walked around some more, pass/veto was played big time. Lots of cuties running around. Went into the library looking for Julian because I always seem to run into him there, and just as we were leaving we saw him heading up the stairs. We ran and caught up with him and talked for like an hour. Good to talk to him again.

From there we walked around some more, went to the lake and walked around. Sat and talked.

After that we got on the bus again, went to campus town and ate ice cream at the DQ, again treat of Andrew’s.

Came back here and hung out, talked again (What the hell all did we talk about!!). Then we wrestled some more, laid on the couch cuddling, etc. It was all very good. Then we came into my room, listened to music, and laid on my bed….

Laying, turned to hugging, turned to cuddling, turned to kissing.

So good again to kiss him, and even better since I didn’t have the burden of feeling like I was cheating on Adam.

He was supposed to leave at 5:30, but stayed until 5:45, all the time laying in my bed kissing. Then he had to leave, we stand there hugging, and kissing some more. So very very nice. Words can’t explain the feeling.

One thing though, I’d like to talk to him before any more happens.

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