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Man, it’s HOT!

So this weekend has been TONS of fun.

Friday I got up and hung out around here tell my mom got here. We went off to the dentist, where I got sick upon hearing the procedure. It wasn’t pretty.

After that I changed real quick into my UBER SEXY outfit (Black pants, orange shirt… Rarr. I’d do me!). Then I went off and met up with Andrew at VWM. We shopped and had a good time. From there we went downtown and hung out.

Adam showed up about 10ish or so, and we stayed tell 11. After that Adam and I went back to my house, talked about things. And then went to bed.

Saturday we went out and did stuff tell Andrew got off. Then we all hung out all night. We highlighted our hair, and did other stuff, we all look VERY cute now!

Stayed out tell like 12:30 or so. Not that late of a night really, but I was DEAD tired. Scott and Sheila were downtown and that was amusing. Other hot bois throughout the night too!

I used Funky Chunky (sp?) on my hair, and like I tend to do. I checked the ingredients. The second one was something called “dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate copolymer” and being who am I. I was curious as to what exactly it was. So I went and looked it up. It’s the same stuff they use in InkJet Printers to adhear the ink to the paper. Very interesting.

Today we got up, my contacts got all fucked up so Adam had to drive me to my house so I could get my glasses. Got those then called Andrew.

Met up with him about 1ish or so and we went to Saylorville and walked around and talked. Good times.

Went back to my house, talked some more, went to Adam’s house, talked some more. Good times really. Rather boring, but still good.

Came back home about 5ish, then went out for a bike ride cause it was so damn nice out! Rode about 8 miles or so. I really need to get a thingy that tells me exactly how far I’ve gone.

I wish that I lived on the 3rd or 4th floor. Since I ride my bike everywhere during the summer, and there’s no bike racks around here I carry my bike up stairs and down the stairs and by the time the summers over, I’d be THIN (from riding), big arms (from carrying the bike), a nice ass (from climbing the stairs). And other things. I’d be so hot!

Anyways, I’m out now! Laters!

2 replies on “Man, it’s HOT!”

Yes, I’m sorry.

We did infact buy cute shoes!

Andrew purchased more cute shoes then me… But We both did get cute shoes!

Hopefully he’ll go into more detail in HIS UPDATE!

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