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Grrr. This week just seems to drag on and on. I can’t wait for it to be over!

Monday I went to class and worked. The new thing that they’re on here is taking a powerpoint presentation and taping it, then streaming it to people over the internet…

Now this seems like an easy concept. But it really isn’t. Because you see they want to take the powerpoint from ANY type of laptop, any format (ie, powerpoint itself, Acrobat, or Keynote), they want to record JUST the slides (as in a screen capture) from the computer directly and then record the sound from a microphone over it.

Well, this isn’t easy and the only commercial solution for this specific type of thing that we’ve been able to find is a $22,000 piece of software/hardware. And that’s WAY over priced.

Anyways, Nazanin has been OVERLY annoying about the whole thing. She’ll come into my office and do stupid shit, and say stupid things, etc. Monday she came in here (dragging along a very large projector case). Sat the case down, and dug like the whole thing out.. And then she just left it there. Then later in the day she came into my office and dug out two BIG bags full of cables. Dug through them and then left them in the middle of my office floor. So far I’ve just pushed them out of the way so that I can get around them. I’m not going to clean up after her, what do I look like, her mother? And I KNOW that she’s not some idiot 2 year old that can’t pick up thier own fucking shit!

I’d make a horrible parent. I’d be like “BITCH, YOU AIN’T TWO, PICK UP YOUR OWN DAMN TOYS!!” And then the kid would be like, “But DADDY, I am only two!!” ::in a whiny little two year old voice::

Anyways. Tuesday I had classes and they were a total WASTE of time. I know I should go tomorrow, but I really don’t want too! I want my break to start early!

Today I had TWO tests. One in MIS, another in MKT. I studied my ass off last night for the MIS test, I never got around to the MKT test because I got distracted by someone/something. 😛

Hope I did alright on them both. I think I did better on the MIS one then on the MKT one cause the MKT one asked alot of wierd questions that I had NO idea about.

My Dad just called and apparently we have to go help him move a piano on Saturday. Not good times. I don’t want to have to do that. ::whines::

Oh well, he said that he wanted both me and Adam.

I can’t wait tell this weekend! It’ll be great times. Unfortunatly I don’t think Sleepover 4.0 will be happening anytime soon, but I’m sure we’ll still have fun, and I’m looking forward to time in the TT.

I have no classes on Friday, but I do have a denist appointment at 3:45, which kinda fucks up my day. What the hell am I going to do all damn day.

Well I’m going to go home now… I’ve put in my 7.5 hours for the day.


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