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Sleepover 3.0

The one that DIDN’T happen!

We’ve all been talking about what would happen for the whole week. We all knew it was coming. So what went wrong?

Friday started off alright, I don’t remember what exactly happened, but Adam and I hung out tell we met up with Andrew about 8ish. When we went to eat supper at Wal-Mart. Andrew and I shared a thing of chicken and Adam ate a sandwich.

After eating we all headed to Hy-Vee to drop off Adam and Andrew’s car and to get mine. We left for Ames shortly after that. We arrived there about 9ish and we all changed into PJ’s and sat around watching TV and talking. IT was good times. Andrew video taped a bunch of stuff and we just had our normal good old time.

Finally it came time to go to bed (well it was only midnight, but we went there anyways). We all laid there talking and giggling just as the last two had been.

At some point Andrew got up and went to the bathroom. I said to Adam that we all needed to talk before anything happened and asked if we should all talk tonight or wait tell Saturday to talk in the hot tub, like we normally do. Adam said he didn’t know.

Andrew came back at that point, and I felt like he should have the middle this time, since he’d ALWAYS called the middle and then when Adam ruled him out on that one, he called the wall. Well since the last two times, he and I had switched. I thought it only fair that he get the middle. So Andrew and Adam switched spots.

For a couple minutes after that we sat there talking, and playing around. For me it was so nice to have Andrew there in the middle. Since Adam usually got to sleep next to him. At that point I had hopes that we could all sleep there like that that night, spooning each other, with Andrew in the middle.

Before I knew it, Adam was sucking on Andrews arm again, and I thought to myself (What a wonderfull world! Ok, I know this isn’t the place for joking around, sorry!). But no, I did think to myself that this was wonderfull. That Adam was starting it, and that he knew now that he would be ok with it all. So I started just licking Andrew’s ear, rubbing his chest, I moved down to his crotch, where his hand was already at. So I rubbed his balls and ass.

Adam had also moved along on what he was doing, and soon found himself down in Andrew’s southern area, but not just with his hands. He was also giving him a blowjob (Far past a line that I felt should have been crossed, but they both seemed fine with it, so I let it go). Andrew’s pants has been removed.

So far all I had done was suck his ear, his nipple, fondle his balls and ass. I was in the process of licking and sucking his ear when he started to turn his face towards me, slowly. I knew what he wanted, but wasn’t sure if I was ready to give that. I didn’t know if I loved him enough to kiss him. To make out with him. Because you see, for me, I could give a random guy a blowjob, I’d fuck a random guy, I’d even maybe let a random guy fuck me. But kissing, yes kissing, is the most intamite thing for me. But he kept moving his face closer to mine, and soon we were nose to nose. I we rubbed noses some, but it was like a magnet, I couldn’t stop myself. I started kissing him, just harmless kisses, and then it turned into making out, tounge and all.

We kissed and I rubbed his chest, what a beautiful thing that is. He’s such a cute boi, he’s perfect really, smart, sexy, funny, everything. Sure he doesn’t have much common sense, but how many people in America really do these days. If I weren’t dating Adam right now, I would have been persueing him to the fullest.

Anyways, this whole time we were making out, Adam was sucking his dick, and mine some too, but not much, he would come up and make out with both of us, suck Andrew’s nipples and elbow, etc. Not really doing just one thing like Andrew and I.

Eventually Andrew took over his own cock, as did Adam and I. I couldn’t cum, but the other two did, all over me.

Adam, just like always went right off to get a towel. Andrew had just come and was still stratling me, I sat up and and that magnet was there again. Our lips met and we started making out again. I saw Adam come into the room out of the corner of my eye, and I looked at him. He gave me a death stare and threw the towel at us and left the room. I pushed Andrew off me, and went after Adam, and so that I could shower. I went into the bathroom and asked him what was wrong. I don’t remember what he said, but I could tell that he was pissed off.

He left and I showered. I don’t know what he and Andrew talked about while I was in there, but I could hear them talking.

I got out, and we all laid back in bed. Andrew on the outside edge. Oh, I did I ever want him in the middle. I knew that he was probably feeling left out, as Adam was just a laying there, and not moving. Andrew had his back towards us. I knew he probably wasn’t sleeping.

I tried telling Adam to move and to let Andrew have the middle. This whole experience was to bring us all closer together, to make our relationship be on a higher level then just best-friends, but more of a boyfriend level, and Adam wasn’t helping that now. Even though he had been the one that initiated the whole thing.

The next thing I remember was hearing Adam crying. I rolled over, and asked him what was wrong as softly as I could, as to not alert Andrew. He said something, but I don’t remember what it was, or maybe it’s just that I didn’t care that he felt like shit. I knew Andrew had to have felt even worse, he probably felt like we used him, and I didn’t want that, because I knew that I hadn’t used him and everything that I did was meant.

We tired talking for a while, and then somehow we all were sitting up, Andrew leaning on me, and Adam just sitting there crying. We all talked about what had happened, and how they each felt. Much crying went on from those two.

I don’t know why I didn’t have any problems with it, perhaps it’s because I’m more mature then Adam. Andrew had a real reason to cry. He’s feeling lonely, and the whole situtaion didn’t help that any. I rubbed his back and held his hand, trying to comfort him. I don’t really know what to do besides that when someone’s upset. Anyways, things setled down. And we all went back to sleep, or at least tried to. Adam was still in the middle, even though I requested again that he let Andrew be there. He wasn’t at all touching Andrew, so I put my arm around him and motioned for Andrew’s hand. We fell asleep holding hands.

That was one of the greatest feelings ever for me. To just be there holding his hand. Hopefully showing him that to me he really does mean something, and that I care for him. Hopefully he knows that I care for him on nearly the same level that I care for Adam. And sometimes even more then that.

His hands were so soft, so small, so gental. Not like Adam’s big, sweaty, fat, rough hands.

I awoke during the night, and realized that I was no longer holding Andrew’s hand, so I rolled over in a way that I could again be holding his hand, I reached over Adam and found his hand, and held onto it. He sqeezed it and I looked over Adam and smiled at him.

Throughout the rest of the night I held onto his hand, and rubbed it, just to let him know that he’s not lonely in the world and that there are people here that REALLY do care for him. At times I could feel him kissing my hand, and I would reach up and rub his cheeck and his jaw. I would smile at him and he’d just give me the cutest smile back.

We all eventually got up and had to leave in a hurried fashion.

I told Andrew that I would work out with him that day. Hoping that we could go work out while Adam sold his car. I really wanted to talk to him about his feelings and to make sure that he was alright. And that this wasn’t going to hurt us any. That never happened.

Andrew and I sat in the car infront of Adam’s house waiting for him for a while. We talked some, but he said that he didn’t want to go into it since Adam would be returning shortly. So we didn’t.

The whole day Saturday Adam was pissy, Andrew was upset, and I was in a great mood. I had just had the time of my life with two people who I’m in love with. Why couldn’t they both be just as happy?

Finally it came to a point where I said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of Adam’s pouting, I drove them all back to Hy-Vee where I was going to make them both go �home�. Andrew got in his car and just sat there, I tried making Adam leave, but he just wouldn’t.

All I wanted was to get rid of him so that I could talk to Andrew. By that point I had done everything I could to make Adam happier, but no one had done a thing to make Andrew feel better, and I felt like I should. My plan was to call him and meet him somewhere. So that we could then talk.

But Adam insisted and he wouldn’t go home. So we eventually got into my car and drove to PC.

Andrew called just as we were arriving. He was in tears and I knew that we had to talk. He came over and we all talked in my room. The whole time I was rubbing his back and holding his hand, just as I had the night before.

I think things were better after that. I’d still wish that Adam would get over his DAMNED issues and realize that if someone else kisses me, or touches me. I’m not going to run off and dump him. It’s those damn feelings themselves that’s going to make me do that. And his fucking irresponsibility (but that’s a whole nother 5 pages private entry to write about some other time).

Andrew left and Adam and I stayed in. I would have really liked to have gone out that night. But Adam controls my life and when he feels like shit, by danm, we have to stay in. But when I don’t want to go out and he does… Well we’re going to go out.

I haven’t really covered my point of view in this post, just what happened. Perhaps that’ll be in a later post. But now I have to leave.


Cj B

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