My Life

Sunday, Sunday.

So Sunday was tons of fun! Adam and I hung out a while in the afternoon at his house.

Then Andrew called and we went to meet up with him and Dustin at VWM. We first made a stop in MHM to get Adam new shoes. I really need some new ones, but I can’t find any that I like.

We met up with everyone (Andrew, Dustin, Jenny) at VWM and we shopped tell it was time to go to the Drag show.

Went there, great fun. I took lots of pics, but it was too dark and most of them are a little blurry. And plus there was a railing right in the way, BLASTED.

It was REALLY funny though, so that was good times.

I got home really late and did nothing. I was so cold and tired!

Today I haven’t done much of anything. I’m at work now and not much is really going on. Blah


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