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So I love crazy old bus drivers…

The blue south route stops at the towers. 90% of the people that ride blue south get off there (Less then half the way through the route).

This semester they’ve been running two blue souths during peak times because last semester people that needed to go farther then towers (Who by the way have thier OWN FUCKING route to take to towers that goes by every 10 minutes as opposed to the blue south, which for anyone that lives past towers is the only route to take and only goes by every 30 minutes) don’t get passed up.

Well today Blue south #1 was full when I went to get on it, so I had to get on Blue South #2. Well, everyone but me got off at towers on #2, so the bus driver was like, “Where you going” And I told him South Meadows, and he was like, alright. And he just went off his route and took my right to my apartment, it was so nice of him!

Usually I have to walk a couple blocks when I get off the bus, so annoying when it’s cold out like this.

So Sleepover 3.0 is supposed to happen tonight.. Good times.

Andrew purchased a video camera, and I just purchased a digital camera. We’re going to document this summer!

Laters all!

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