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Ok, so since the last update didn’t turn out as well as it should have (I was trying out some new Voice Recon Software, which clearly didn’t work) I’ll actually type this one.

So it’s Tuesday and I’ve been on campus since 10 this morning, and I’ll be here until 10 tonight. Rarr at that. I had classes this morning. It was alright, not much really going on.

After I got out of my first class (Marston 207) I came out the doors and saw nothing but whiteness. It was so pretty. I really wish that I had a digital camera right now.

Anyways, got out of my second class at 2, went up to 4th floor library to watch the snow and study. I read a chapter in my MIS book and a chapter in my MKT book. Only have 2 more to go before next Wed for MIS and one more for MKT. Rarr

They really should have done a reality show about me this semester. Again next week I have TWO tests on the SAME day right after each other. Rarr.

And I’m on campus until late tonight because I have one at 8. I keep checking my e-mail hoping that I’ll get something from Sapp saying that the test is cancelled, but the posibility of that happening is nill.

Anyways, I must go and study for my FIN test again here soon. I just took a break for a while. In the carver basement now! weeeee.

There’s much confusion going on in my life right now. Things are good, but I’m confused as to what I want. Must talk to the parties involved, in more depth. But it’s hard to do that online, so it’ll have to wait until this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, it should be fun, can’t wait!


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I hope you are happy now you little whoreface! It took me forever to leave all these messages, b/c I have to wait 30 seconds in between each one! So next time you tell me that I never leave messages, I will just refer you to the March 4 entry.
Andy McGee

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