Andrew Talking about Relationships

21:51:47 squall0112: stupid computer
21:51:59 blackc2004: Stupid computer user!
21:52:00 blackc2004: lol
21:52:29 squall0112: bah
21:52:38 blackc2004: I’ll BAH your ass!
21:52:55 squall0112: whatever
21:53:05 squall0112: so ive got a question.. what were your thoughts on what happened?
21:53:26 blackc2004: What do you mean?
21:53:54 squall0112: just what were your thoughts? like , dislike, etc?
21:55:05 blackc2004: I liked it, it was very nice.
21:55:09 blackc2004: u?
21:55:23 squall0112: im sure you know the answer to that
21:55:29 blackc2004: lol.
21:56:10 squall0112: but like beyond that, do you have any other thoughts?
21:58:18 blackc2004: I’m still undecided about a lot of things really. It was nice, but there’s still questions in my head, especially after what happened between Adam, James and I. I don’t want a reocurance of that because you are a much better friend then James, and I don’t want to fuck that up.
21:59:29 squall0112: yes of course
22:00:49 squall0112: do you feel like a mutual attraction betweeen all of us?
22:02:35 blackc2004: Yeah I feel that way.
22:04:10 squall0112: thats cool
22:04:33 squall0112: i just thought id ask since you never volunteer your opinion, mr. black!
22:04:39 blackc2004: I’m really confussed right now. Because I don’t know how you feel, Adam and I have talked about it.
22:04:48 squall0112: what about?
22:04:50 blackc2004: And I know what you’ve told Adam, but that’s not much.
22:05:02 blackc2004: About the whole thing. What are your feelings?
22:05:19 squall0112: i dont really know.. i mean i like both of you guys you know?
22:05:51 blackc2004: Yeah.
22:06:20 squall0112: what about you?
22:06:25 squall0112: its so confusing to me
22:07:22 blackc2004: Join the confusion club!
22:07:42 blackc2004: But I’m sure we’ll all work it out! We should just have another session in the “Trust Tub”
22:07:43 blackc2004: lol
22:08:01 squall0112: lol
22:08:16 squall0112: im just not sure i should allow myself to feel anything
22:08:23 blackc2004: Why not?
22:09:16 squall0112: b/c it will most likely lead to some form of heartbreak for me, b/c thats what always happens
22:10:30 blackc2004: Not just for you, for both of us as well. And I mean, when you go to Cali, there’s going to be heartbreak anyways. We’re all so very close now, it’s going to be really hard for the two of us when you leave!
22:11:26 squall0112: i know, and it makes leaving now such an extrememly tough decision
22:12:38 blackc2004: I don’t really think there is a decision to be made. You’re going to cali. Even if we have to drive you there, and kick you out of the truck! We’ll be sad, but that’s what you’re ALWAYS talking about wanting to do!
22:13:46 squall0112: yeah i know i know… and ill go
22:13:49 squall0112: but im gonna cry a lot!
22:13:58 blackc2004: You won’t be the only one!
22:14:14 squall0112: aww are you gonna cry?
22:14:42 blackc2004: Probably.
22:14:43 blackc2004: lol
22:15:56 squall0112: aww
22:17:17 squall0112: anyways onto something more lighthearted
22:17:21 blackc2004: lol
22:17:22 squall0112: i read a book in a day! wow!
22:17:36 blackc2004: What book? The Three Pigs?
22:17:44 squall0112: candide
22:17:49 squall0112: it was only 87 pages
22:18:00 blackc2004: So it was practically the three pigs.

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