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So it took me longer to get a chance to update then I thought it would, but here I am.

This past weekend was really good.

Friday Andrew and Dustin came over to Adam’s house and we plastered Andrew. He was all lubbie to, and that was funny. lol. We got to see a bit more of him then we all wanted.

After that we went to Java Joe’s and had a good time.

Saturday morning Adam and I got up early and went down to Lenox to see Beak and my G&G. We ate, went through pics and just generally had a good time.

We found tons of funny pics, and stuff about the family and that was all very etertaining. I’ll post some of the ones that we found of me once I get a chance to scan them in. We also found my grandma’s report cards and made fun of her for them! For once the tables were turned.

We spent the night there saturday and came home about 12ish on Sunday. Adam went to work about 3 and I went home. The PU’s and I went out to eat and then came back home and opened presents. I made out with the following:

1. Sim City 4
2. Tape Measure
3. Bushisms Book
4. Horoscope book
5. The Sims expansion Packs

It was good.

Monday I went out shopping with my b-day money, I didn’t buy anthing though. I must go purchase some stuff today and pay to have my oil changed in my car.

And that was my weekend. Today we’re back to school. My 12:00 class was randomly cancelled. The prof came in and was like “I have to cancel class for today” And that was that. So now I don’t have anything to do untill 2ish.

I think I’ll go get a book and read or something.

Laters alL!

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