Happy B-day To you!!

So this weekend has been TONES of fun…

Friday night Adam worked tell 10, so I went downtown about 8:30,after stopping at home to see what all they had at the garage sale. Lots of old crap, but there was some good shit there too.

So I got down there and Andrew and Mike were there, so we hung out and talked and shit. Good times. Adam got there about 10:30 and from there we just hung out and did the normal Java Joe’s thing. We also went to Perkins on MH, good times, like always there. Except the waiter was a TOTAL ass hole! Rarr! lol.

Anyways, we left there about 1:00Am, about 4 minutes after Matthew Sheppard died, four years ago.

Saturday I met up with Adam about 12 and we went to the mall, where we met Mike and Andrew and some of thier friends. It was amusing, they were all off bowling. hehe. There was some semi-cute str8 boy there, that apparently Adam knew from his earlier years…. Something about a fight. I’m sure he can elaborate on his website. lol. After that we came back to Ames, where we were planning on going to campus and seeing all the pretty trees and bois. But we got here three minutes after the bus left, and I didn’t feel like trying to find a spot on campus to park, so we just hung out here tell 6:30. I gave him his b-day presents and his cake (peanut pie) since we had nothing better to do. I hope he enjoyed the sweatshirt.

I also gave him tickets to the Laramie Project, so we went to that about 6:30, it was SOOOO fucking good. If anyone reads this before 2 today, I HIGHLY suggest you go and see the final performance of it at 2… In Fisher Theater.

I cried, alot. I dunno what it is about Mathew’s story, but every time I hear it, or see anything about it, I cry. They did this part, where Falwell was protesting his funeral, and these people came dressed as angels and blocked him out from the press/everyone, and it was sooo moving, and soo good. I LOVED it!

After the show was over, we came back here and went to bed.

This morning so far, we’ve gotten up, and I drove him back to Ankeny so that he could have brunch with his family. Now I’m back in Ames, I must study today, I have two tests next Wed… But the good news is that my 8am class on MWF is cancelled, so that’s cool! Weee!

I’m out!

4 responses to “Happy B-day To you!!”

  1. Hey Chirs! You are soooo cute. Every time I see the Angel scene, I always cry too! It’s just so full of emotion. It’s the best thing ever! I’m glad Adam had a good B-Day. I hope yo week goes well, call me sometime bitch! Love ya!

  2. Spelling lesson of the day: “Tones” are noises, “tons” is of great magnitude. Hehe.

    While he is a dumbfuck, the guy who does the protest isn’t Falwell. I can’t think of what his name is now. He owns godhatesfags.com. He’s probably an even bigger dumbfuck IMO. I wish I could remember his name. Damned me.

    Regardless, the angel scene was actually cooler on stage, because they COMPLETELY blocked him! 🙂


  3. it always makes me cry too-i have to bring you the book i bought called losing matt shapard-bawled the whole way through.

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