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So very random posting here today…

1) Everyone must go read THIS written by Mike!

2) I installed b2 .0.6.5pre something or another. It works, but when I went to use my template, it shows EVERY entry I’ve ever done, including the private ones, so that must be fixed before I do anything else.

3) My PU’s anniversary is coming up and things are wacko in the family. Planning, in our family, what a mess. I guess my aunt was supposed to call my PU’s to find out when they’re having a garage sale so that we can plan things around that. Well she never did, so now I have to… But anyways the funny part of the story is that my other Aunt called me last night to inform me about what was going on and one of the first things she said was “I just got off the phone with the f’n aunt.” Gee, imagine someone mad at her! roflol

Then I got this e-mail:

Grandma was to e-mail you about this,Janell has come up with a plan. all on her own,please, she wants the credit. Take your Mom and Dad to Hickory Park, then to your apartment, so that she can snoop, oh sorry, so that we can see your new place and have pink champaign cake. Only two questions, do you want us at your apartment and do they like pink champaign cake? Your job is to let us know a date.

one of the f’n aunts!!!

It’s great! So I’m trying to get ahold of my mom now, but my phone keeps dieing on me. I duno why, it’s got a full charge. Rarr!

I’m out!

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