My Life

She’s not bitchy, she’s just…. Herself

So tonight’s been TONS of fun, even though it’ll be the most time that I get to spend with Adam this weekend.

I picked up Adam at 4, and we went off to the Mall, where we met up with Dustin, and went on break with him, that was fun. From there we met my mom and went looking for a Suit for me. Cause I need one for interviews this week. So we went off to Structure, just to look at stuff, and they had Suits there, so we ended up getting the whole thing there. It was the MOST amusing time I’ve had in forever!

First, we got there and they guy that helped us, was totaly gay! And the third thing he said to me was “Do you talk with your hands, cause I do!” It was so funny. Then he had to leave cause he had another “Appointment” (He walked out the door with his bf!). But yeah, it was good times. I got two of thier cool ass shirts and two ties, etc. It was soo Cool!

After that we went out to eat and my mom got totally SMASHED, it was hilarious!

From there we went downtown where we met up with Andrew, good times there. We talked about how we came to know each other, and how the hate/love relationship worked back in the day when no-one knew anyone else. They also made fun of my horrible spelling skills, etc. Hey, fuck it!

Scott showed up as well, but didn’t stay long, anyways, it was good to see him again.

We went to the str8 loop and I was scared to death. I mean it. I was sooooo fucking scared. I demanded that we go back to Java’s. I don’t think the girl was too happy about that. Whatever. I mean, it felt like I was going to have a heart attack. It was bad.

After that, we all sat around Java’s talking about random things. Andrew asked me to go to homecoming with him, it was a nice gesture, but it was too little too late in my eyes. And plus, it’d be a double standard, since that’s the reason I was pissed in the first place. So whatever. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’d like to see Adam at some point at least.

As I was driving home, I got stuck behind this fucker going 40 in the 55, we were coming into PC and the guy saw the cop, so he slowed to 30 in the 55. The cop pulled out, turned on his sirens and got up right behind me. I was sooo sure he was going to pull me over… But I was like, what the hell for, cause I hadn’t done anything. So I got over, and he pulled over the other guy. I hate PC cops. Rarr!

Ha, the cops in DM just pulled a guy over for doing 70 on University (30mph, we learned in english that you shouldn’t use Miles Per Hour…. It should be Miles An Hour, whatever), dumbass.

And that’s my life.

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