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Peddle, Peddle, Peddle…

So I got up this morning, wondered around and did random stuff and then went off to class this was 7:15, I was on time. I got to campus, and went to lock my bike up and realized that I didn’t have my bike lock. This was at 7:30, I have an 8’o clock class. I rode home… as fast as I could. I was there by 7:35, I had turned a normally 15 minute ride into a 5 minute ride… Just as I was getting there, the last bus was pulling away from the bus stop, so I could no longer ride that back to campus. So I ran upstairs, ot my lock and made it back to campus by 7:50. Whew!

That’s been my day so far…

I’m going to call in sick to work tomorrow. I really want to go to that Linux Security thing, and maybe I’ll stay after and ask how the hell you set up SMPT Auth. It’s so confusing. I also need help with LDAP, so if you know anything about either of those… Drop me a line.

I e-mailed my advisor yesterday about information on the Information Assurance Masters that ISU offers… It looks really interesting, so I’m thinking about maybe going for my masters after I get out, or something like that. We’ll see how things go. I’d like to get more then one Degree under my belt before going out into the “real world” but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I have to get to class, so another update will come laters.


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