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The year.

So I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I want to start this post. Do I want to be synical, or serious? I can’t decide.

It’s one year after that horrid day that struck America, and some people apparently haven’t learned to just move on. The media being the biggest. They drag it into our lives every day. And Continue to drag it out. Just let it go.

Yes, we all know that it was such a horrible day. So many people died that day, but people have to start somewhere with the recovery, and just dragging out the pain isn’t the place to start.

Sure, it’s nice of them to show a special, hold a memorial, just don’t re-enact the 24 hours of news coverage that was September 11th. Does America really need to see that much news covereage?

Really. Lets start the healing, and stop the damn news coverage.

On a different note, I’ve been watching it, only cause it’s the only thing on. (Good Eats is on at 8, I’m watching that!) And CBS has done an interview with Bush, and as much as I hate him, he’s really doing this well. And it’s good to see that he can cry, and cry on National Television. Fiannaly someone in power has the courage to cry in person. That’s conforting at least.

They’re telling all these stories, and it’s so good of them to get them on tape now, but must they really show all of them on TV. Rarr.

Ok, changing topics completely. I’m sick, so I’m not going to work tomorrow, I’ll probably go to the thing at noon about linux security though, only cause that’s what I want to get into. I’ll also probably spend most of the day on campus, doing HW and working, so I can at least make some of the $100 that I should make tomorrow. I’ll probably charge at least $80, cause I know I won’t spend all day on HW. I’ll get board and actually work. But it’ll be nice to have a day mostly to myself.

I have two tests next week. Rarr. But it’s also a good feeling, it’s the first part of the year gone already… after next week we’ll have 4 down, and only 12 more to go…. I’m out

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