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Invader Linux

Linux is invading the ISU campus… In the form of LINUX Week. I’m excited…. However, I’m only going to be able to make it to one of the things I want to see. I’m busy during all the others.

Noon-1 pm — “Administering Linux Systems”, Presentation, 144 Durham Center

The other one I wanted to go to was…

Noon-1 pm — “Practical Linux Security”, Presentation, 144 Durham Center. But I have to work, perhaps they’ll pay me to go see it! Wee!

So yeah, other then that, not much going on. I’ve been very sick, and have been coughing alot too. I sound horrible. Last night I was laying on my couch and without the AC on, it was far too hot, with the AC on low, it was far to cold, but with the AC on high and a nice blanket, it was just right…

They didn’t have undressed on last night, and it pissed me off cause I stayed up late just to see it. Fuckers. Tonight I’m fucking going to bed at 9. Shut it, I’m sick!

I have shit loads of HW to do, and I don’t feel like doing them!

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