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No Crashing!

So Friday afternoon I got to Adam’s house, and I was hungry… So we went to Hy-Vee to get pizza. None of the pizzas looked very good so we went around looking for other things. We got to the cheese island and thought that a sandwich sounded good, so as we were talking to the lady that worked there, who… But ROB turned around and looked right at us. I waved and said “Hey look it’s Rob.” In a very friendly and courteous manner… He upon hearing my apparently mean and unpleasent remarks about him (aka, “Hey looks it’s ROB!”) Gave Adam and I the meanest DEATH look I’ve ever seen in my life, turned around and went about his business, for the whole 15 or so minutes we were there, never once did he even acknowledge the fact that we were standing there. And had he NOT given us such a death look, I would have gone over and talked to him. But whatever, if he wants to play mean then that’s fine by me. I never did anything to him to make him mad at me, nor have I ever expressed such things as hate, or anger towards him. I’m simply trying to be nice and give everyone a chance… He ruined his chance Friday night with me. Asshole!

So after we got our sandwitch and enjoyed it in the wonderfull Hy-Vee deli, we went off to the Mall to just hang out. We wondered around and met up with Dustin where I bitched at him about his bf, and that made me feel better.

After that we went downtown and met up with Mike, Andrew and various other people. It was much good times. Everyone dispursed about 11 or so, so I went back to Ames.

Saturday I got up about 6am or so, because I couldn’t sleep. I took a shower and hung around tell 9:30 or so when I went to Sam’s Club and got some food. I got back and started doing HW. Adam called me about 11 or so, in a paniced state from and Ankeny Phone number that I didn’t know. He said he was coming to Ames.

You can go read that information on his website… Use the link at right. He had me very scared, but in all things turned out alright.

After that we went back to my house, did some random things and then went off to return a $179 paper wieght that I had purchased a while ago… in the entry I wrote last night, I went on and on in an amusing banter sort of way about my 4 hours of drug induced sleep and how the stupid people at Best Buy and Comp USA pissed the hell out of me and how I threw things at the Comp USa guy… But I don’t feel like recreating that, so you can just ask me in person if you want to know the whole story!

After that pissed me off we went back to my house and made food, and ate nummy nummy cookies. Before I left I took some drug for my cold/headache etc things and then we went back to Adam’s house. 15 minutes later we arrived at Adam’s house. He went to the bathroom and by the time he got back, I was dead asleep. He managed to wake me long enough to talk for a while, and I rammbled completely point less things… Must like this whole post. We went to bed about 11 after a much enjoyed time, and a 3 week hiatus that ended.

Sunday we got up and I went back to my house to shower, which I did. Then we went to the zoo. It was fun times for being overly hot, and very sick. Anyhow, after that we went shopping and did random things. Adam’s power went out, so I came home and tried to get on the internet. IT didn’t work. And it didn’t even pretend to start working untill like 9 or so, when it started working in off and on banters.

Ok, now I’m here and I must be heading off to my next class… Bubye everyone!

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I hate you…I have a scratchy throat and a massive head ache…just staring at the compuuter screen makes me all woozy…I’m sure it’s all your fault…lol

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