My Life


So yeah, not much really going on today, it’s been very stressfull and shit.

I’ve got things to do and people to see, so well this post is going to be short, I’ve been talking to the Aussy guy again that works at AVI Systems in DM, he’s so funny.

Sherry signed my guestbook, how amusing. People are signing my guestbook, but bot enough people, go sign damn people.

I won’t see Adam again tell Friday, it’s very sad really. This summer is going to really suck, cause well I’m not going to get to go out late or anything, gwar. :'(

I have a paper to write that I really don’t want to write, fucking shit. I hate writing papers.

Omar came in today, that was amusing. Good times.

I can’t wait tell I get paid this fFriday, so amusing. Good times. I’m going to buy shit!

La la la, I’m out.

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