My Life

Back to the grind

So here I am at work, just working away… Look at me goo!

Not much has really happened lately, Sunday was good, I’m sure we did stuff, I just don’t remember it all.

We’ve got 100 “I love you” pins in 9 different languages. It’s amusing.

Adam spent the night Sunday, it was fun.. We made french fries and lots of other heavy fat stuff. Oh well, I’m sure we worked it off that night.

Monday was also alright, I suppose, it was as fun as could be for watching someone clean thier room for 7 hours. I got some good study time though, so I’m not complainng. Although I was bored out of my mind.

Ramsey started today. Funny shit.

I’ve got a phone call, so I’m out. Laters all!

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