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So summer’s here and it’s already sucking a big fat donkey dick. Last night I didn’t go out because I had to stay home and write a paper.

Adam went out, it was sad. I’m going to hate this summer, because he’s going to go out, and want to stay out late, where as I have to come home and shit early cause I’ve got classes in the mornings and I work in the afternoons, there’s going to be no time to have fun. Fucking shit. I hate getting old.

Plus now that he’s out of school, he’s never online during the day so that I can talk to him, plus he’s gone in the evenings to I can’t talk to him then either, so our contact is down tremendosly from previous times.

Last night I spent more time checking my AiM to see if he had gotten on then I spent writing my damn paper. He never did though, and every time I checked it made me sadder that I couldn’t be out there having fun, that I was stuck in that damn house all night with no one to talk to and nothing to do.

So far today he’s been on for 15 minutes, most of which I was on the phone with people trying to get a projector lined up for this confrence in DC. So I didn’t really even get to talk to him that much yet.

And he said: 12:32:28 Adam – Sluk: Fucking shit…I have to take Abbie to the pool…I’ll be back online in a bit…

He hasn’t been back on yet. 🙁

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