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PU’s gone.

So this weekend’s been really good. The Drake Realy thing was downtown and I didn’t look cute, so we left and went hot tubbing all night, that was really nice.

Saturday Adam worked tell 3, so my dad got me up early and we came up here and took down my loft. He was really noisy and shit, and Sri just came in and bitched about the noise. It was funny, then we talked about stuff, programming mostly. Good times. But yeah, after we were done with the loft I went over to Hy-Vee and waited for Adam to get off. After that we went back to his house and there was like a party or something, shit laods of people and Adam wanted to talk to them all, so we hung out there tell like 5 or so, then we went to Supper at pizza hut, there were a couple of cute boys there working. After that we went on a shopping hunt to find a book for Adam, we went to B&N who has had it every time we’ve been in there, but they didn’t this time, so then we went to Borders, they didn’t have it either, by now it was almost 8, so we went to the mall before it closed to see if the book store had it there, we ran into Julian and Dean on our way to see Rob, so we talked to them for a while, that was amusing, then we all went to see Rob. Good times.

From there Adam and I went downtown and called Dustin, Little Mojo was playing and he’s hot. We hung out Downtown with Dustin tell about 12, when we decided to go home and watch Porn, Dustin had to go home before curfew, so we lent him some porn, but only after he had said “Comon’ Chris, I need to get off tonight” I laughed, it was funny shit, he can be so cute sometimes. lol.

From there we left Dustin with his porn and we went on home to our own prono times. We didn’t watch must before I declared that I was tired and we went to bed. (No, really we went to bed).

Today we got up at 9 and Adam went to work at 10, I went home, changed and hung out for a while to see if my grandma would show up but she didn’t so I just left and went to Hy-Vee to do hw. I got it all done.

After work Adam and I went back to his house, we only had an hour before I had to leave cause of a group meeting thing, so we just hung out and talked. It was nice….

Now here I am talking to Sri about PHP and MySQL programming. Good times.

Night All.

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