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Well I do beleive that spring is here. It’s so fucking nice outside… Yay. And all the hots guys are out in their tight little t-shirts and shorts that show off thier great asses… It’s so nice. lol.

I wanted to just grab them all and say, “lets go to the bathroom for a minute.” But I couldn’t, cause today was the Day of Silence. That was amusing as hell. But it’s all cool. I also went to the MU and looked at the display of posters. It was bad.

Not much really happening today. I’ve got a program to write here later, and I have a WindowsXP box to learn about. And get my Webcam working… It was working before, but then I updated the drivers for it and now it’s not working. Damn thing.

I’m going to start hauling shit that I don’t need back home this weekend… I hate having to move/pack so I do it in little increments… it’s all good.

I’m out, It’s so nice out side.

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