My Life

Sucky End.

Well sping break has come to a sucky end… All I’ve wanted to do all day is just lay around and cry. It’s been one of those days. Deary, cold, nasty, it hasn’t helped. I met up with Adam about 2 at Hy-Vee hung out and read my XY’s. Good articles, look for some to be up soon. After that we went back to his house and I filled my taxes, I’m only getting $50 back and I made little under $4,000 last year. Oh well. I can use $50 for something. I wish I had that money now cause I could really use it, Rue 21 is going out of business and that have REALLY fucking cute cargo pants that I want for $8 each. I want some sooooo bad. But I can’t afford them, I only have $32 dollars left in my bank account and I still have to pay my $37 phone bill this month. Gwar.

After that we just sat around for a bit then we went to wal-mart and looked at the Trees that they have sitting outside now, Adam got a cutting and he planted it in an thing, he also planted it in an old cookie jar and gave it to me to bring back to my dorm, it’s sooo cute.

I after he was done planting that we went into his room and I laid in his arms and just cried, I don’t know why, but I did, I cried. Today’s just been like that. I left there about 7 and came back up here. I don’t have a room mate, so that’s good.

I’m on the phone know with to find out an answer to a question that I have. They said that the wait can be up to an hour. I’ve been on now for almost 30 minutes. I’m also trying to help Vero with her program and finding the frost dates for Adam and talking to Trave about camp….

I’m out.

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