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Shut UP!

You know how when you go to bed, sometimes your brain just won’t shut the fuck up… Well last night was one of those nights. Things just kept coming into my head and it wouldn’t shut the fuck up. I was up tell about 2. Just random shit… One thing though was something that happened this summer. Ben Shepley and I would randomly sneak out of camp late at night and go into Boone for food or ice cream or whatever we wanted. Well one night we were driving along the back roads. Just listening to the radio, when all of a sudden he leaned over to me and sayd “Kiss Me.” I was like, WTF? So we talked a bit about homosexuality, but I didn’t come out to him and he didn’t come out to me. That was the last of out converstaions about that though….

Well last night I was thinking… Why didn’t I kiss him that night, maybe something would have happened, maybe he was looking for someone to talk to, I dunno. So I got his phone number today. Maybe Adam and I shall call him this weekend and see if he wants to go to the all ages show at the Garden on Sunday. It might be fun.

I was also thinking about how my website has had the same general layout for like a year now, so I’m thinking that I might change over to something a bit different. I dunno what though. I’m going to work on that tonight after I get done updating here.

I really really want to work for the scouts this summer, you have no idea how badly I want to, but I just can’t. I can’t do that. Adam and I talked about it alot as well. This is going to be the first summer I haven’t been to camp since I was like 10 or something. It’s really sad and hard for me. :'(

Today’s been good so far, not much has really happened. I’m going to go work on a new design, laters all.

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