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Coming to an End….

Well spring break is coming to an end and it’s sad. This week’s been good. Mostly, not much has really happened lately. Thursday night Adam and I sat around his house. Missy and Tara called so we went to supper with them, that was fun, after that we went back to Adam’s and watched more QaF. We only have one episode left, YAY!

Friday was amusing. Chris at work was getting really frustrated with Nazanin. We’re working on this CD with a ton of PDF presentations and such that we’re sending out…. Well we originally (almost two months ago) had it set up so that when you put in the CD, it automatically loaded the TOC from the Cd using your copy of Adobe Acrobat and if you didn’t have it installed it asked you if you wanted to install it. Well Nazanin decided that she wanted it to check for Quicktime as well. Well the program we were using to do the autoload couldn’t do that, so Chris was handed the project cuase he knows flash and it can check for quicktime, but can’t check for Adobe. So since it couldn’t check for Adobe we made it run Acrobat off the cd instead of the harddrive, which also saved us alot of paper work for the copyright shit. Well after he got that working we burned a “final cd” they found one stupid error, so we fixed it…. Burned another cd, another error, it was fixed and so that went on… WE ended up burning almost 50 “final” cd’s. Well Thursday we had the FINAL FINAL cd, and the FINAL FINAL cd insterts (those paper thngs that are in the cd cases) So we printed the insterts, all 250 of them on the color printer, on special paper wich costs about $1 per page and were going to take the final CD to the burners on Friday, they’re in Nevada. Well Friday morning during the staff meeting they were going though showing the final product and found out that some of the fonts didn’t work, because it loaded them from the CD instead of using the fonts on the computer. This meant that A) we had to get copyright info on all the fonts and put those on the CD, or B) change the splash screen to check for Acrobat, install Acrobat 5.0 if not already installed, and reprint all 250 CD insterts to comply with copyrights.

Of course Nazanin decided to go with option B. So we had to come up with a way for the original program to check for Acrobat, and then it loaded the flash program to check for Quicktime. Chris wasn’t happy when I left yesterday…

Luckly the new server came in, so I got to play with that most of the day rather then having to mess with the CD thing. However the server was being a pain as well cause we got it with no OS (to save almost $1000) Well Win2k didn’t have the drivers for the raid card, so it kept giving me errors about not having any hard drives to install too. I was like “LOOK THERE, THERE’S TEN FUCKING HARDDRIVES YOU CAN INSTALL TO.” pos, oh well Dell was nice and had them on a CD that came with the server, so that was fixed fast.

I also talked to Nazanin about hosting my website out of Krell this summer, they said it’d be alright. Hopefully by then I’ll have my DEC’s working, or at least have a new computer to have it on. We’ll see.

Friday night was amusing as well. I met up with Adam about 5ish at his house, we were laying on his bed cuddled up together, watching QaF when his mom just JUMPS into his room. I jump back from him and he jumps back from me… She had to have seen something cause she jumped right back out of his room as fast as she could and then came back in a bit later. We were like OMG OMG OMG. She had to have seen shit… I bet she thought we were making out too, cause that’s what it would have looked like. Oh well, she went out, so we hung out and watched his sister and movies… It was good. Tonight should be more of the same, I think. Hopefully his sister will leave as well.

I went to my dorm yesterday as well to get sun glasses. I still don’t have a room mate, hopfully I won’t have one when I get back Sunday night. I’ll be mad if I do.

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