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Redhat / SuSE?

So I’m thinking about when I get my new computer… Shoud I use Redhat or SuSE? What will I do with my old computer…. Should the new one become my new main system, and my HP become by backup… What should I do….

Here’s the current setup:

HP: SuSE, Apache, SSH, MySQL, BIND. Main Personal computer, website, DNS.
Compaq: SuSe, FTP, SSH. Backup computer, using rsync, and main ftp server.

Here’s what I’m thinking about doing:

Micron #1: SuSe, SSH. Use as main machine
HP: Redhat, SSH, Apache, BIND, FTP. Use as backup of personal items and main webserver/ftp server.
Compaq (200 Mhz): Win2k Server. SSH, DNS. Use as backup DNS Server. And Windows testing server.

And then if I get a second Micron Machine I’d replace the compaq and use Micron #2 as Win2k box and then use Compaq as either a firewall or give it to someone else.

I dunno. Leave input for me….

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