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Well I’ve been really busy lately….

Monday Adam and I hung out… We went and got our tuxedos. That was fun. Nelline came with. We picked out A blue vest and tie and a silver vest and tie… The rest of it’s the same. We still haven’t decided who wears what though, and I don’t think we will know tell that day. Cause we both want the blue vest… Well actually Adam just likes the blue tie, I think that we can switch ties and that will look cool….

This whole prom thing is going to be ok, but it’s causing some stress, especially for me. We were talking about flowers and such… You know those damn things you give your date, and wether we should get the females ones or not… I see those as more a “Here you’re my date, this is something from me for you to wear tonight” and Adam doesn’t see them that way and he thought we should get the females one and not get each other one. But I think that since we are in fact dates we should… Well we talked about that and Decided that we would get each other one and we’d get the girls a yellow rose or something for helping out. I’m into the point of frustration with it that I’m just going to say, “Tell me what to do” and I’ll live with it. But I am still looking forward to it alot. I can’t wait to go.

Adam spent Monday night at my house. Tuesday we pretty much just hung out tell he had to work at 4. Then he worked. After that we went out to Java Joe’s. That was alright. We also met Mary’s BF, he’s one wacko man. Ryan was also there and apparently he called me and Adam “Dirty” whatever that means. He’s just a freak anyways. lol.

Now I’m here and work and the boss is gone, tooo bad. We’re getting alot of shit done too. We’ve ordered two more servers one of which is going to be my pet project the other is going to be Chris’. It’ll be cool.

Ok. I’m out and back to work. Laters all.

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