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Well this past weekend has been really fun and sad and everything in between.

Alot happened. Friday night Adam and I went downtown for a while then we went to my house to hot tub and such. iT was fun. Saturday I went to my G&G’s house and hung out there tell about 2. Then I went back to Ankeny to meet up with Adam. We went to the mall and did random things. That night we had to watch his sister and his little cousin. We also got the great idea to nair things. My ass hurts alot now. lol.

Sunday was bad, very very bad. My parents yelled at me for being gay and we’re just total assholes about everything. They said that “You people” are just asking for special rights that you don’t deserve. So I walked out. It was bad. I went to Hy-Vee cause Adam was wokring and just hung out and shit. That night Adam and I went to B&N and hung out and read books for hours. Then we went downtown for a while.

Today’s been alright. I’m working for a couple hours, then going to go out with Adam to get tuxedos.

People suck at telling me when things are broken, first my guestbook was broken and then my e-mail was broken for I dunno how long… Thanks Julian for telling me… For some reason the hosts.allow / hosts.deny files was denying everyone. It was odd. I got that fixed though.

I love Linux:
[root@ednt black]# uptime
10:24am up 100 days, 19:41, 11 users, load average: 0.00, 0.03, 0.02

Laters all

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