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Nazanin’s Gone

I’m at work and Nazanin has been gone all day. I’ve got alot of shit done. Mostly stuff for me. But I got alot done for work too. I learned how to do autoplay.inf files today, that was amusing. And I only wasted one Cd. hehe. lol. But yeah. I got my C++ assingment done, it’s not due until Sunday, but it’s done and turned in. I need to study for my Accting test tonight. I dunno if I actually will though. Maybe I’ll do that for the next hour.

Other then work not much has really been going on today. I got my stat test back and I got a 92 on it. I was happy.

Adam hasn’t been on yet, and it’s sad. I didn’t get to talk to him much yesterday and well yeah.

I’ve appiled to be on the Scouting for All board, and I’m also a “Grassroots” contact here in central Iowa since they didn’t have anyone yet. I’m thinking about holding a protest type thing the second week of camp, it’d be a sunday afternoon in late June. That’s the biggest week, with over 700 scouts and scouters come to camp. So I figured that’d be the best way to get the messege out to alot of scouts at once. IM me or leave me messages if you have any Idea’s about it. I’ve contacted Steven Cozza and he’s sending me a Video called “A Scout’s Honor” it was on PBS a while back and I hear it’s really cool. So maybe one day when I get to the GLRC again, I’ll bring it or something.

That’s all I have, laters all.

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