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I really like the buttons. I really do. But you see the thing is that in Linux, flash doesn’t exactly work all the time, and well I want to see links at least. So today I wrote a javascript, so that the buttons show up if you have IE and just plain HTML links show up if you have anything else. All works fine for me, but for my tester, Andi (and a big thanks to her for all the pain and annoyances that I put her though) it doesn’t seem to wokr, something about a line error on line 53 or something. If you have any insights to it, please e-mail me. I want to make it work.

So you know what, for now, screw you IE users, go find a real web browser like Mozilla, or Opera, or maybe even Netscape. If I don’t have the damn buttons working in a couple days. I’ll take them down and just replace them with plain text HTML.

In other news. David was online today, and I got to talk to him some. That was cool. I guess he’s in the school play. And he said that if Adam and I wanted to come hang out that’d be cool. I also guess that my cousin is going out to Lenox on that same weekend, so there maybe some sleeping/traveling problems…. Since I am skipping school on Friday, I don’t want to go down there Thursday, and if I stay here then I might just as well as go to class Friday and we could leave on Friday afternoon. Whatever. I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

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