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A Guy That Has It All

I love how he has it all. He’s got a computer with 4 CPU’s and a computer with 10 PCI card slots. He’s got 8 Os’s on one computer and 10 Gig of RAM. He’s got a card that lets him back up his computers to VHS tape, yeah that’s right VHS, as in movie tapes. He’s got programs and data bases that do it all for him. He’s got a computer with Battery powered RAM, so that when he shuts off his computer, he’s not really shutting it off. He’s got it all I tell you, everything.

Yeah, I just love it how everytime he mentions something, he says, I hvae one of those, or a student last semester did this. It’s crazy. I tell you half his stories are false. Stupid MIS teacher. Well at least one things cool about him though, he’s a Linux guy, and he puches Open Source all the time.

Today’s been fairly good, I had my Accounting test at 11. I told myself last night that I was going to get up at 8 and study tell 11. I was up at 7, but I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I laid there tell 8, when my alarm went off. I still didn’t want to get out of bed, so I reset it for 9:30. I got up then, got dressed and went off to study. I studied for like 40 minutes or so. I think I did fairly well on my test though. So it’s good. And Sri said that they curve in there is way cool. So I hope things go well. I have to have at least a B+ average this semester.

I’ve started thinking about my classes for next semster as well (Summer). I’m going to take Psych 280, and I wanted to take Phot 201, but they don’t offer it during the summer. So I’m going to find some other class to take, probably something like Comp Graphics, or a Networking class. I just have to at least have 9 credits this semester and one has to fulfill a Soc/Psych req, and the other has to fullfill an International Req. I dunno, it should all work out.

I’m fairly certian I got the buttons working ont he other side, it was a stupid line break problem caused by IE.

The weekend of March 1, Adam and I are going to Corning/Lenox. We’re leaving Ankeny about 6:30ish Thursday night, go to Lenox, spending the night there, hanging out with G&G and Beak on Friday morning/afternoon. Hanging out with David Friday night, sleeping at G&G’s Friday night. Hanging out with G&G and Beak and random Lenoxing Saturday and then going home Saturday afternoon/night. It’ll be fun times.

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