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I think I have a phobia, it’s stop-lightaphobia. Everytime I go through a stop light, or come up to one now, I think that it’s going to turn yellow and then red before I have a chance to stop and then I’m going to hit someone. It’s crazy and driving me insane. I think they need to add another color to the stop lights, like orange or something, yeah. It should go Green, Orange, Yellow, Red. Or maybe they should make a flashy one, like the “Don’t Walk” signs, it could be like Green, Flashing Green, Yellow and then Red. That would work. I think I’ll send that one into the people, who would that be? I mean who decides what colors stop lights should be?

Tonight was great. I got out of class at 2, and I came back to the dorm room. I did some random stuff and Sri randomly stopped in and talked, and then about 15 till 3, I was like, what to do now. I had nothing to do tonight, so I decided to go back to Ankeny and go to the GLRC, it was great times. Mandy and all were there as well, so it was good to see them again. It seems like I haven’t seen them in forever. Good times.

Dustin has like a bf type person now as well. I feel sorry for him (not Dustin, the bf type guy) he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. Crazyness.

I’m going to go write a script for my website now, so that it will automatically sync and upload for me. Hehe, laters all.

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