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Dreams and Rain

Well here it is, Sunday and I’m back at the dorms. This weekend was really really good. Friday night Adam and were supposed to hang out with Mary, but we couldn’t get ahold of her, so we went back to my house, it was like 7:30 or something and we ate Ramen noodles and I make Orange smoothiesque type things, and then we went hot tubbing, you can use your imagination for what went on the rest of the night.

Saturday was good as well, Adam got off at three, so after that we went and visited his Mom at work. It was raining all day Saturday and it was supposed to snow like a bitch, but that didn’t happen. After we visited Adam’s mom at work, I decided that I wanted to try and find a cheap old computer so that I can use it as a webserver. So we went on a qwest for that. Of course, we ended up at the mall. We left there about 6, and it was pouring down rain and I was like, I don’t want to be out in this. So we headed for the interstate and headed for Adam’s house. That was mucho grande bad. The semi’s and such were sliding all over the road, and the wind was strong, and we couldn’t see jack squat, so I got off at the MH exit and we took the back roads home from there, they were much better. Once we got back to Adam’s house, we hung out there for a while. We were supposed to go out with Julian, Mandy, Vero and gang, but with what we had been through earlier, I just really didn’t want to be out in that. I was sad though cause it would have been fun to go hang out with the group and all. They said that they might stop by, but they never did. That was sad. But none-the-less, Adam and I had a good time at his house, no one was home, so we just hung out and cuddled and such, it was nice.

While we were at the mall, Adam and I had a bit of a tiff, it wasn’t anything big and we’ve resolved it, but looking back on it it’s pretty funny cause we were in the Gap, I can just imagine what people must have been thinking, probably the same thing we werte thinking later when we saw a str8 couple arguing on the path, “Ohh, look the str8 couples arguing.” I just bet people were walking by us in the Gap and thinking “Ohhh, look at the gay couple arguing” It’s amusing now, but it wasn’t then.

Speaking of arguments, Adam had a dream last night about us arguing and me getting really mad at him, and pretty much ignoring him. If you want a better explination of the dream, go read it on his website. ( But what I want to say is that he called me this morning and we talked for like an hour or so on the phone. It was really odd, cause we never just talk on the phone, but it was still really nice to just talk to him about random things. Then tonight we talked about it more, and he said that the dream made him realize how I felt earlier this summer, and he said that he felt bad. I told him that everythings alright, because everything is alright, we are happy together, and our relationship just keeps growing.

Today’s been good as well, it’s entailed much randomness and driving and such. It was good, but nothing of really any importance, other then that’s already been mentioned. My keyboard appears to be collecting a layer of hair products from when I de-crunchify my hair at night and it’s starting to make it sticky. I shall go clean my keyboard now. I’m out.

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