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Well not much has really happened here in the last couple days. I still don’t have a working website, I’m going to e-mail them again here today. I guess Adam and family are looking at a new house. That’s goood news, it’ll be really cool if Adam gets the room that he wants. And I’ll be jeleous as hell cause I wanted the same things and never got it, of course they wait until after I move out to finish the basement. Bastard parents. Oh well. It’ll be cool for him.

I’m also thinking about moving a few things, not me though, I was thinking about dumping the webservers that I have and hosting my own. Then I could host some other people as well. So that would be cool. I’m also thinking about moving over to Suse 7.3 Pro from Suse 7.3 Personal. Not much difference, but I’ve found that there’s some annoyances when compiling things. I’m also looking at moving over to Moveable Type, Julian introduced me to it, and I’ve been looking at it some. I haven’t really had time to play with it a great deal, but I did get it installed on my computer, and that was a project in itself. lol.

The problem though with my own webserver, would be where the hell to host it. I could host it in the dorms during the year, and then possibly at Krell during the summer, but then every May and August, I’d have that 3 day down time, which would be annoying. But that’s not that bad. I’d also have to find another system to host it on, cause I wouldn’t want to use my personal system, or my backup system. So yeah, I figure I might be able to talk my mom into letting me have Andy’s computer, since he never fucking uses it, but I doubt she’d let me do that. So if anyone out there has an old computer, with at least a 500 Mhz+ Processor and 15 Gig + HD and would be willing to sell it cheap, e-mail me. Eh.

It’s looking as thogh Adam and I won’t get all that much time together this weekend. He’s working Friday night, and 12-3 Saturday and then after work he’s going to his dad’s, then Sunday he works 12-6, so those are just odd hours and since he usually doesn’t get up tell late on Sat and Sunday, well that doesn’t leave all that much time. It’s sad really.

Ok, I must go and work with the evil M$ and encode some stuff. Laters

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