12 hours.

Well 12 hours after I left this morning, I’m now back in my room, hmmm. Perhaps I should leave again.

I went to work today and Nazanin was insane, she really annoyed me. We were making this page from a conference which had just got over in DC, it was the Mission Critical Computing Conference. Well at this confrence there’s all these people from the different national labs that give presentations on the latest technology that they are working on. So this page that I was making, I was taking all the ppt presentaions and just creating links to them, and such. She kept insisting that I change these stupid little things. I was like, woman, make up your fucking mind about what you want me to do.

But one thing that was odd about this job today was that the conference was supposed to be held on Sept 25, but because of the whole Sept 11th thing, they canceled it. So yeah, I was going throught the presentations and there was this one where this guy had actually modeled what would happen if a Boeing 757 were to fly into the WTC. And also what would happen if a bomb went off at the Pentagon. It was scary, the entire presentation was what would happen if different incidents were to happen to government buildings all over the world. There was alot more to it, but I know that if the presentation itself got out, it would be considered a National Security Breach, so I don’t know how much I can say about it…..

Yeah, not much has really happened today. I haven’t got to talk to Adam yet either, it’s sad. I don’t know when I’ll get to talk to him today either, if ever. Cause he’s supposed to work tell 10, but he said that he might leave early and go to Java Joe’s. Whatever, hopefully I’ll get to talk to him some tomorrow at least. 🙁

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