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One Month

Today’s Adam and my one month anniversary. One month. It seems as though we’ve been together forever. Well in a way we have. The thing though is that today’s not going to have anything special, I can’t see him, we’re not going to be able to go out for supper, or eat together at all, we won’t be able to just sit around and talk about the last month, or the last six months. This sucks. It’s our annyversary, one month. This should be something special in my opinion, but it’s not. Tonight I’ll come home and talk to a box, an emotionless box. A boxy box, it’s not going to be Adam’s cute, rounded face, but just a gray and white box that beeps when ever he has something to say, it’s not his sweet voice that I love. It’s a beep. Today’s our month.

But it seems as though we’ve been together forever, this month would have been our six month had we stayed together the first time. But I’m glad that things have worked out the way that they did. We’ve become so much closer now then we ever were before, we’ve shared so much, we know that we’ve been through some bad times, and hopefully the worst times. We’ve seen each other in so many different lights.

Happy one month anniversary Adam.

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And happy aniversary to you, Chris. I love you so much and I’m glad to see that after one month we’re as much in love as we ever have been, if not more! Here’s to yet another month or two or ten million! *raises imaginary glass* I love you! ~Adam

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