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I don’t understand people.

[ABBA, “Does Your Mother Know”]

So I was sitting in Coover this afternoon waiting for my class to start. The bathrooms on the first floor there are “Out of Order.” Hence a HUGE sign that says “Out Of Order.” So one would think that people would look at the sign and say, hmm. The bathroom must be out of order, therefore they can’t use it. Well in the 20 minutes I was sitting there, 4 people went into the bathroom, and used it. Crazy fucking people.

Other then that not much going on here. I’ve been really busy all day with some programming and shit in Perl. I’ve pretty much taught myself, so I’m happy. Classes today were good. I didn’t have to start tell 11, so that was really cool. I think the only one that I’ll have problems in is Bus Law. But eh. I should live through it.

I got my car scheduled to go into the shop today. I have to take it in Friday or Monday, and I should have it back in about 7 working days. So it’s good times. I love my Saturn.

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