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Adam’s relationship

I’ve been thinking about my relationship with Adam alot lately. I know that I love him, and I know that he really loves me. But there’s just some things missing in our relationship that I would want to have. Some little things that are normally there in every relationship, but now really there as much in ours. Mostly because he’s not out to everyone, and there’s just some people that he can’t tell that we’re together. The things that we’re missing though are those small little things of public affection, when we’re out together, we’re not out a a couple, but we go out as Chris and Adam. I wish that he would be more affectionate towards me when we go out. I wish that we could have those romantic times. It might just be me, but sometimes I think that we had more romantic times when we were just friends, the times on top of the car garages in Des Moines, just sitting there talking and looking out over the city, the times we’d be in the mall and just wrap our arms around each other, there’s so much that we did then, that we don’t do now.

Why is that? It’s not because I don’t want it. I do I really do want it. I love being able to hold his hands when we’re out. I love being able to sit on his lap. We do it at the GLRC, so it’s not because he doesn’t want to do it. Is he affraid, or what is it? I really don’t know. I just wish that this aspect of our relationship will expand and we will become closer then we already are.

I really do love him. And I know he loves me

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