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La la. Work

La la. I’m at work again. Today’s going to be a long day here. I’m supposed to be working on this thing for the Conference room, which I really don’t want to be doing. But oh well. It has to be done.

I never did get to see/talk to Adam yesterday. I really want to. I’m missing him, and I want to talk to him about somethings. I hope he’s on tonight so that I can talk to him.

I have a math test tonight at 7, that’s not going to be fun. Especially since I haven’t even opened the book yet for this chapter. Grrr at math class.

I figured out my schedule for January. I should be able to make about $1,000. Yay for money.

La la. Not going to do this yet. Yesterday there was a sweet ass storm thing. It was so cool. I like thunderstorms. Incase I hadn’t told anyone that yet. I really do.

Nazanin just came in a babbled at me about something that I really don’t care about. So now you all get to hear about it. Yesterday during that storm, we had a power surge here…. I was inturupted, it’s now an hour and half after I started writing that and I forgot what I was writing about. So now I’m out. Laters….

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